The Empty Shelf Challenge

empty shelf challenge

I have a love-hate relationship with reading.  I touched on it here, and thought there was really more to it than that… but it turns out, as I sat the last few minutes staring at this composition screen, that there isn’t much more.  My time is precious to me, and I already struggle immensely with feeling like I can’t balance it wisely.  Adding a habit that is very time-consuming and doesn’t produce immediately tangible results seems to me, at first, {Read More}

Make it Matter

This piece first appeared at when I guest posted in August of this year.  In case you didn’t read all of it then, here you go! I’ll be back from our break on October 21st, and new content will resume then.  Thanks for reading! Recently, I asked a question in a twitter conversation about attending a particular conference.  I hadn’t put much thought into it, really; it was asked sincerely, but mostly in an effort to keep the conversation {Read More}

Unexpected Turns


As I mentioned at the inception of this blog, I recently answered a request from Jon Acuff (NYT best-selling author of Stuff Christians Like, Quitter and Start) to join him on a secret adventure.  Little did I know it would have the potential to rock my world, change my life, and hopefully reach someone else as well.  Maybe a lot of someones?  That would truly blow my mind. So what has happened in 11 short days?  I joined a family of dreamers in the {Read More}



Someday, I swear, these posts will be about more than the Start Experiment.  Right now though?  It’s rocking my world.  I have so much to share, but wanted to quickly give you this, from my #startexp journal.  (And yes, I freaking hate writing with a pen and paper as much as I thought I would.  I’m a bit of a rule-follower though, so what am I to do?) Transcribed, for the sake of legibility – “Voices of doubt be damned, {Read More}

Fear fears truth.


“Fear fears community”.  That’s true, but do you know what else fear fears?  Truth.  Today my assignment was to write out my fears on paper.  I am full of them, so I just started with those related to pursuing a life that matters. Quickly, it was obvious that though I had listed 14 or 15 different trip-ups, they fell directly into three overarching categories: How others will see me Whether or not I have the resources, ability, etc to carry {Read More}

START somewhere.

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Recently, after replying to a short-lived tweet, I got an email from Jon Acuff.  If you don’t immediately know who that is, start here.  But he’s more than a funny guy – Stuff Christians Like has had some of the most life-changing, life-giving pieces I’ve ever read.  Outside of SCL, Jon and his team at Dave Ramsey’s place have been picking up great momentum to change lives around the globe by challenging us to live with purpose. So when Jon {Read More}