A Non-review Review of Disney’s Frozen


I could talk about how breathtaking my beloved Idina Menzel‘s performances are throughout the movie, or how clear Jonathan Groff‘s talent is even if he doesn’t get a “real” song, despite the (absolutely brilliant) songwriters’ best attempts at fitting one in.

I could talk about the integrity of the aforementioned decision, doing what is best for the movie – including scrapping it altogether, repeatedly, over the last decade – to be sure it was absolutely perfect.

I could talk about the surprising performance of Kristen Bell as Anna, wonderful both in voice acting and singing some incredible pieces.  Surprising to me, anyway, though apparently she is classically trained in all sorts of things that made her an excellent choice for the part.

I could talk about how I am literally moved to tears each and every time I hear the reprise of “For the First Time in Forever”, and most times that I hear “Let it Go”.

I could talk about how endearing and hilarious Josh Gad‘s Olaf is throughout the movie, most notably during his breakout hit “In Summer”.  It’s literally a laugh-out-loud sort of song, even on repeat viewings.

I could talk about how appealing the whole movie is to everyone that I know who has watched, of all ages, both genders, all interests.  It’s really just as good as everyone is saying.  It’s not at all surprising that it was the movie to finally dethrone The Lion King as the most successful animated movie of all time.

I could talk about the heartbreaking events that set the story in motion.  The beautiful relationship between two sisters.

I could talk about how much I connect emotionally to Elsa, and how much I think her side of the story speaks to those of us who battle with depression and various forms of mental illness.  Not to suggest she has one :) but that there are very strong parallels I draw throughout her story.  You’ll have to see them for yourself, though…  no spoilers here!

I could talk about the effects loneliness and the lack of a support system has on young girls, leaving them desperate for love and attention.

I could talk about the beautiful scenery, the chill-giving score, the depth of the character development (even of secondary and tertiary characters) or the legends on which the story was built.


I won’t, though.

Just go see it, today.  See it again.  Watch YouTube clips and trailers.  Get the soundtrack.  You won’t be sorry.

We have seen it multiple times in theaters and can’t wait for the March 17th release!

(This post is not endorsed in any way by the Walt Disney Company, though you know I’d be a good fit if they were looking in and interested! ;)  It’s simply the thing we talk about (sing about, dance about, laugh about) most in our family these days.  Every day.)


Have you seen it?  Did I miss anything in (not) singing its praises? :)


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  1. says

    The perfect non review! We will definitely be purchasing the DVD, and currently know most of the songs by memory. My five year old even has the motions for “let it go” down pat. And yes, I may have been thankful for the 3D glasses that concealed my tears while watching.

    • Jennifer Kaufman says

      Your comment made me smile, because my five-year-olds are exactly the same with “Let it Go”. My almost two-year-old even gives it his best shot! :) We certainly love it!

  2. says

    My family saw it again for the 3rd time today. I had to work or I woulda went with them. We bought the soundtrack immediately after the first viewing. My 3 year old can belt it out like the original singer! GREAT movie!
    dilemmamike recently posted…Back To Louisiana

    • Jennifer Kaufman says

      Honestly, I had to google the negative reviews! I saw it the day it came out and was so enamored with it I never noticed :) I have to say most are unfounded… as I think box office and awards will agree. It really is a great one! :)

  3. Theresa H says

    I would add that it was great to see the girls save themselves and not need a man to do the saving. And that, for me, it was so awesome to see such loving siblings. ( The girls reminded me so much of my girls that I choked up through most of the movie)

    • Jennifer Kaufman says

      Absolutely! And yes.. Between my two girls and a close sister, their relationship was a tear-jerker for sure!

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