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Nutrisystem #NSNation Check-in

Hi friends! So. This whole Nutrisystem journey of mine has had some minorĀ ups and downs the last week or so. Between travel and illness I am behind on updating you here, but I have been tracking my weight and measurements along the way at least! Let me say this first, though. Ups and downs are […]

girl inside review

#EmptyShelfChallenge Book Review: The Girl Inside by Lindsay Ensor

Now and then, childhood friends stay in touch (or reconnect) well into adulthood. Sometimes, they don’t spend much time together but their friendship holds something special still. Such is the case with Lindsay Ensor, who has guest posted here before. I tell you this for two reasons, as I review her recently released memoir, The […]

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TDL 019 – Be Proactive! (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Habit 1)

Inspired by Elise and Avery in Episode 14, Jennifer begins to chat about Steven Covey’s best-seller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This isn’t a replacement for the book by any stretch of the imagination, but join in the conversation about Habit #1: Be Proactive, and how doing so can help in your home, […]

TDL 018 – A moment of GRATITUDE, a lifetime of happiness.

In this episode, Jennifer takes a quick look at what gratitude can do for us.   “Fear fears truth”. Battling one negative emotion with a positive one is not new, and is incredibly powerful.    Taking two minutes to really consider the things for which you are grateful can change your attitude almost instantly. Maybe you can’t […]